Football Heat: Hublot Launches New King Power FC Bayern Munich

There may not be a stronger fan than Hublot Replica chairman Jean-Claude Biver. The brand also reflects this: In 2011, it introduced the Red Devils Manchester United of the Kings power, which is a cooperation with England’s famous Manchester United team. Limited edition cooperation. This year, Hublot brought its watch talent to Germany and created another limited model for Manchester United’s European rival Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich (FC) is Germany’s most successful sports team, winning 22 national championships and 15 championship trophies. It has partnered with Fake Hublot Watches not only to produce this watch – this watch is now on display at the heart of the Bavarian legendary football club Bayern Munich – the club’s home base – but to establish this brand as an official time record member.

The watch named “King Power FC” was attended by many Bayern celebrities such as Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, a member of the Executive Board of the Bayer and Bayern Munich Club. Debut. Bayern’s players include Franck Ribery, Boateng, Van Beten, Luis Gustavo, and newly-acquired Shaccieri and Pizarro; they also selected representatives from German and Swiss media.

The king’s power club, Bayern Munich, was limited to 200 figures and had a case of 48mm vertical satin brushed titanium; its frame was made of black rubber and had six “H” shaped titanium screws coated with Black PVD. Like its predecessor, the “Red Devils”, it is an automatic timer, which has a unique 45-minute counter designed to time a football game.

The sapphire crystal has a blue transition time and is treated with a non-reflective coating on both sides. The box is framed sideways with black composite resin, while the crown is brushed titanium with black rubber. The timing device is a black PVD titanium alloy made of black and red rubber.

Bayern Munich’s famous blue-red line is very popular on the crystal dial. The club’s transfer logo is 3 ‘clock. The enamel coating of the index handles the super glow with white, and the brush black nickel plated hand has a red super glow. Date is a window at 4 o’clock.

Best Hublot Replica Watches skeleton HUB4245, visible through the dial, has a frequency of 28,800 vph (4hz) and a power reserve of 42 hours. The titanium shell has a sapphire window and the case is waterproof to 100 meters. The watch was attached to a black rubber strap with a red stripe and a buckle made of slightly fried black pvd titanium. In the United States, the Kings team Bayern Munich retail price of 22,900 US dollars. (Click to view larger image.)

Kings Power Club Bayern Munich has joined Hublot Replica Watches growing list of sports and athlete inspired watches, including with NBA star Dwyane Wade and his team, the Miami Heat, Olympic sprinter Ussane Bolt and the British First Class. Formula Racing Grand Prix.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf: Mechanical Scorecard On The Wrist

Hublot is undoubtedly a brand related to sports, from the cooperation with the NBA’s Miami Heat and Wade, the Olympic sprinter Bolt, and the team’s American and international breed, the Hengbao trademark from time to time Freud Mayweather’s Boxing shorts – but a sports brand so far no it is a relative golf game. With the release of the new Hublot King Power Unico Replica golf ball, this change has also changed. This is a special timer used to calculate the golf scores of players on the field.

According to Hublot, golf is an “ultimate precision movement”. It creates a precise timing tool specifically for the scoring of the game, both of which are entirely suitable for a frequently tested, non-risk aversion. Brands such as Best Fake Hublot Watches may be inevitable. Unlike other watches with golf balls, this is not only lightweight so as not to hinder your own golf (97.93 grams), but there is also a module that integrates into its MHUB 1580 Integrated Sport, driving a counting mechanism that allows tracking of their golf balls The wind in the hand is shown in the aperture of the dial. (Recorded, Richard Thousand’s RM 27-01 watch, watch actually played in the game PGA star Bubba Watson, the clock was in a more ultra-lightweight 19 grams, despite its signature feature, the Tbilisi rotary mechanism The utilitarian golfer is significantly smaller than the computer system, and its price is much greater.)

The 45mm Big Bang Unico Golf uses Texalium to achieve its sturdiness and lightweight characteristics – a fusion of carbon fiber and aluminum, which is unique to Fake Hublot Watches. Texalium is used for the upper layer of the shell, the frame and the caseback, while the carbon fiber forms the lower layer of these components; the polished titanium is used for the push rod and the h-type screw, the bolt frame and the box.

The counting mechanism of the large Bang Unico golf ball is based on the principle of the chronograph. It uses a zero-centered block cam to ensure reliable and reliable performance. At 2 o’clock, a shot putter started the mechanism that showed the number of hits and calculated the number of hits per hole. When the wearer is ready to enter the next hole, the 4 o’clock push rod resets the stroke counter to zero. The 6 o’clock counter shows the total number of games and is updated at the same time. Another Twitter pusher at 8 o’clock resets all counters to zero; during the game, the wearer can lock it by rotating it 45 degrees to ensure it is not accidentally activated. Like all Unico movements, the MHUB 1580 is fully skeletonized, displayed by cutouts on a black dial, and illuminated by a glowing, time stamp.

This watch has two interchangeable straps, each equipped with Hublot’s one-button quick-change system. One is sewn with white leather on the rubber and designed to echo the look of the golfer’s glove, while the other is made from a technical fabric with a Velcro closure and a perfect fit on the wrist. Both use buckles made of black ceramic and black titanium. The watch was launched in Shanghai on October 23. It was released with Hublot Replica, one of Hublot’s newest “brand ambassadors,” and will be launched in the retail market next year for $31,500. What do you think? Is Otsuka Golf really (as Hublot’s issuing country) “a genius strike?” Please tell us in the comments section below.