Li Zhiting program claimed to Rolex replica watches

In the variety show “journey pattern”, the program group invited the “fox called” the original song to the whole insult guests Li Zhiting, but with amazing insight Li Zhiting, but only watch the watch brand to expose the artist Ylvis the streets of the whole Insanity, behind Li Zhiting also proudly said that he is actually a “watch control”. Although the screen clarity is limited, there is no way to see Li Zhiting exposed all the singer of the singer Ylvis table in the end what kind of long. But Li Zhiting to their own plus “watch control” Title has aroused my concern.

Since it is dare to claim that the watch control of the people, then in accordance with established practice, there must be a dozen watches can take turns to wear it? Sure enough, saw Li Zhiting privately wear these tables, I found that he said this is indeed emboldened.

To see a glimpse of Li Zhiting privately like the watch, can not but say that he recorded “sample sister” program. Program throughout the travel process, Li Zhiding are wearing a love of the Royal Oak off the coast watch. Black surface dial, stainless steel case with black rubber strap, looks simple and enough Man. Although Li Zhiting a little “hit face” Wang Lee Hom, but his body more fortitude temperament. So he would like the table also did not win the whole wrist, there is a reason.

Li Zhiting, who is outside the program, often wears the watch. Not selfish self-timer, which only has a landmark outline of Audemars Piguet is still very garish.

Li Zhiting recently participated in a new variety, as a program resident guests, each of the last period will be almost a different table. Panerai LUMINOR 1950, Rolex cosmic models Di Daya and so on in turn on his wrist appeared. For the first time to see a star wearing a brown Te Di Na, the price of about 220,000 Rolex, dial color is very special, with the Li Zhiting Polo shirt, jeans, a kind of sunshine retro American style.

To say that Li Zhiting is “love the fans” a little too, but he will indeed be in a period of time will always play Audemars Piguet field, not only in the program all the way to wear, when shooting fashion magazines also choose the main love of the Royal Oak Series The

In addition to Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai these high price of watches, Li Zhiting also have some relatively cheap watches. Tiffany’s EAST WEST series and CT60 series, Li Zhiting have been wearing.

Throughout the table of Li Zhiting, basically did not appear that kind of dead expensive expensive watches. It seems that this “watch” to buy a table more pay attention to cost and durability, the concept of consumption in the entertainment industry should be considered very grounded.

Rolex’s Dragon replica watches

Rolex's Dragon replica watches

Rolex’s Dragon replica watches

Do not be late, straight into the topic. Now the market flow of Rolex you are already very familiar with, in addition to talk about the market changes, there is nothing to talk about. So, here I will show you some rare Rolex, we can grow knowledge together, increase the fun. Of course, in addition to Rolex, encountered other special watches, I will be timely to share with you. I want to show you today, Rolex’s “dragon” table.

Although today, Rolex only produce simple features watches, not involved in complex tables and a variety of processes. But Rolex in history is still very versatile. Rolex Although there is no production of any complex table, the most complex table is the history of the calendar and the current calendar calendar day day. But Rolex produced some enamel tables. Rolex’s enamel table I feel very special. Because you look at the other brands of enamel table are very thin, very fine suits table case, only Rolex, is in a sports style Oyster-style case to do enamel, people have a ” Tigers smell the rose “feeling.

This only the Rolex 6085 enamel table, is known as the “dragon”, because the disk is filigree enamel dragon. The rosary of the Rolex is the same as the other Rolex enamel tables, which are ordered from Stern’s dial factory, and the man who painted the dragon was before Ms. Nelly Richard, who was mentioned in Rolex and Omega’s Enamel. She is enamel experts, to many brands do enamel disk, unfortunately, premature death.

This dragon of the Rolex is a European-style dragon. This dragon is very fine, delicate. If we look carefully at the dragon’s color, we will find that the dragon body, the tail of the color are shades, changes in light and shade. Around the dragon is surrounded by a number, the diamond shape of the scale of the time scale and 12 points Rolex crown. So far, through expert research, Rolex only five dragon pattern enamel table. Each of the dragon on the table is not the same, because enamel can not burn exactly the same pattern. So that every watch is a solitary product. In addition, this watch is used in 18K gold chain.

The Rolex Dragon was valued at 500,000 Swiss francs to 1 million Swiss francs and sold for about 670,000 Swiss francs, or about 4.65 million yuan.