Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Twin Shafts

Hublot Replica Watches is no stranger to the manufacture of very large and very serious watches. Whether it’s something like LaFerrari or a “just” minute titanium splitter, it can retract its muscles when it wants. The new MP-09 Tourbillon twinax is the latest example of this action. This is the first multi-axis tourbillon from Hublot, and so is its interior.

When you first saw MP-09, you knew that you were looking at something complicated. Obviously your attention should be focused on the huge rotating object on the bottom of the watch. However, what is still unclear is how all this matters and how complicated this impressive mechanism is.

The engine of this machine is HUB9009.H1. RA caliber, watch is designed by upward movement. This caliber is an automatic movement with a five-day energy reserve produced by Cheap Hublot Replica Watches in its manufacturing process. At the heart of this movement is a biaxial tourbillon that rotates around an axis in one minute and rotates around the second axis every 30 seconds.

In order to display the tourbillon correctly, Fake Hublot Watches created a brand new 49mm diameter shell for this watch. Below there is a huge window that allows you to enjoy tourbillon from many angles, but above you will get a screw panel and angles that will make you think of Swiss Hublot Watches For Sale immediately. The time is displayed in the upper right corner of the dial (if you can call it like this) and there is a backup power indicator on the left. Below the time is a two-digit number that shows the date in an unusual display that appears to be in the watch’s home.

This is easily overlooked because everything is done by tourbillon, but there is also an interesting date corrector on the left side of the case. You can adjust the time before and after the day by pressing the lever. It’s very simple and it’s a great addition to this watch.

There are three versions of this watch, all of which are limited editions. There is a titanium version, produced 50 examples, the price is 169,000 US dollars; there is a gold edition, there are 20 examples, price 211,000 US dollars; last but not least, there is a titanium version of the diamond diamond, with TK, for example, is priced at $190,000. The price of titanium and diamonds is lower than gold? My sign.

HUBLOT Big Explosion UNICO Red Magic Ceramic Watch Hands

I want to first admit that I am a ghost. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that presenting some old things in new colors really catches my attention. This is half of Hublot Replica Watches Big Bang UNICO Red Magic reference 411.CF.8513. RX watch – By using the Big Bang UNICO watch and producing it in red. Another more interesting technical aspect is that they made a red watch with a red ceramic. This is something that has not been done before.

In my opinion, ceramic is the most important modern watchmaking material that combines with silicon. I firmly believe that ceramics and silicon will become increasingly important in the field of high-end watches. The discussion about ceramic materials is beyond the scope of this conversation, but I will remind you again why we are so excited about ceramics. Ceramic is a non-metallic material (although some of its forms are mixed in metal), it is formed, bake hardened, and then polished. Colored ceramics is a process formed during the production of materials. The pigment must be mixed with a common ceramic material, such as zirconia (also known as zirconia), and then placed into the final hard material. The ordinary ceramic baking process will consume most of the pigment color, leaving the final stains and unsightly. For this reason, zirconia is mainly produced from black or white, and a mainly dark color variety.

Bright colored ceramics have long been the Holy Grail of ceramic manufacturers. The “Reg Magic” ceramic produced by Hublot is a realization of such a holy grail. I discuss here more about how Cheap Hublot Replica Watches realizes red in this ceramic material. Why the main purpose of ceramics is to get a red watch? The reality is that there is no other choice. The color of the case material must be considered as a function of the durable material that can be used. If you want red, you can only choose some options including painting or plastic. If you want a high-end (not plastic) red watch, you need to coat or coat it. This leads to the disappearance of color, which is not particularly desirable in high-end products.

Although ceramics may look like high quality ABS plastics, materials are much harder than steel. The color of the ceramic does not fade, fall off, or is mostly scratched. The attractiveness of ceramic (color or other color) is its long-term durability and elasticity. This means that ceramics will still be new many years from now – you cannot say the same thing for most metals or other materials.

Hublot is no stranger to using ceramics on watches. Ceramics is a “fusion” material contained in the 2005 “Big bangwatch” collection (although it is a black ceramic). When Hublot produces other ceramic colors (including blue), red is undoubtedly the most compelling. I find it difficult not to appreciate the big red magic watch, although its only novelty lies in its color and red magical material. In addition, this is just another member of the big bang now (in 2018 Fake Hublot Watches also introduced a new 42mm wide version of the Big Bang UNICO).

The “Big Bang UNICO Red Magic” of the “big bang” started with an internally-made Hublot Calibre HUB1242 automatic chronograph exercise, with a three-day power reserve. The opening of the face is given a “devil” red and black treatment, which persists in the rest of the watch. The themes of black and red are cool, masculine, eye-catching and attractive. Best Hublot Replica Watches apparently mastered the red magic ceramic material, which means that in the future there will be more red magic watches in the store as fans of Hublot (and red ceramics).

Considering that the ceramic of red color is still very novel, wearing a red big-bang watch is a brand new experience for me – and this watch feels comfortable on this skin. One might say that from a distance, this watch seems to be made of plastic, but I think this is only the result of this appearance, which was almost always made of plastic. This material does not feel or looks cheap on a careful inspection or on the wrist. Hublot Replica matched the 45mm wide (15.4mm thick, waterproof to 100m) watch with black and red rubber straps to complete the look. If these colors talk to you, then I think it will be very difficult to resist this timetable (of course, the budget).

Hublot will produce 500 pieces of the Big Bang UNICO Red Magic in a limited edition. I don’t know how difficult it is for Hublot to produce this material or how much of the manufacturing bandwidth they have, but I believe their claim is that it is time consuming and challenging to make this kind of material. The future red ceramic watch will come from Hublot, and you can be sure that people all over the world are actively trying to make their own red ceramic watches. Does this mean that yellow, light green, orange (Omega does a bit) and other brightly coloured ceramics come from Hublot or other? Not necessarily. My understanding is that each color has its own challenges, because the pigment itself is a different material. Although I hope the yellow magic ceramic will be in the next.

This red magic ceramic material is enough to allow us to put the Hublot Big Bang UNICO Red Magic watch on the list of the top 10 Baselworld aBlogtoWatch in 2018. Needless to say, I am a big fan – even if the basic watch is not new. Limited edition 500 reference 411.CF.8513. The retail price of the RX Hublot Big Bang UNICO Red Magic is $26,200.