For the first time, Hublot released an internal movement GMT in the Big Bang collection. I have to say that it is beautiful. The 2017 Hublot Big Bang UNICO GMT was developed with practicality and practicality in mind, as a logical extension of the internal movement of the Hublot Big Bang watch. I’ll talk about technical details right away because Cheap Hublot Replica Watches not only includes the existing GMT functionality into their in-house manufactured UNICO campaign, but it also slightly improves the concept when traveling more conveniently and conveniently.

I should also note that in order to clarify some of the understandable confusion, each time zone in the table is expressed in a 12-hour format – in a sense, this makes this less “real GMT”, more It is a table of “two time zones.” But we don’t wrestle with the definition. There is really nothing that is and is not GMT standard, so you need to understand the working details of each table to fully understand it.

Do you remember the first UNICO Greenwich standard timetable? This is a more avant-garde work released in 2011, when “weird” was still great. The Hublot Replica King Power UNICO GMT uses four rotary cones on the dial instead of the traditional GMT hands. There is no doubt that this is an exciting spirit, but it is more of a popular and complex artistic expression than a clock that is really convenient for ordinary travelers. Now, in 2017, we have a new member, the UNICO GMT family, with Hublot UNICO calibre HUB1251, with fully integrated dual time zone complexity.

The HUB1251 automatically moves from 339 components that operate at 4Hz (28,800 bph) and has three days of power reserve (72 hours). In addition to a two-hour pointer to indicate local time and family time, there is also a special day/night disk to indicate whether the morning or afternoon is in the second time zone. For me, this is a very important feature, because at GMT, without using the 24-hour time format, it is difficult to know whether it is day or night in the “home time zone”. “With this disc, the wearer of the Hubbard Space Center has a very clear ability to know the time in both time zones, and it is very convenient and clear.”

Another part of the HUB1251’s movement is a different pusher on the side of the box to advance the local time forward or backward in one hour increments. Hublot Replica Watches believes that this is an important feature that can help make the second time zone complications as friendly as possible. Some GMT-style watches do require a little understanding of the learning curve, and combining it with the ability to easily push the “East or West” time zone with a push button (security mechanisms can be prevented from being pushed at the same time) will be something I think many people will appreciate. Although watches equipped with a timer are technically more popular, I believe that the complications of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the second time zone are actually used more.

HUB1251 does not have a date indication window. I think nobody will miss it. Not including it in the Hublot Big Bang UNICO GMT is also meaningful, because when you move back and forth in different time zones, the dates can become tricky. Therefore, it may be a good idea to forget about the complexity of the date as opposed to letting the user adjust an additional function. This will run counter to Hublot’s idea – Fake Hublot Watches wants to make the Hublot Big Bang UNICO GMT more practical.

In terms of style, the Hublot Big Bang UNICO GMT is Hubot’s new product, the first use of titanium or carbon fiber shell. The markings on the borders are reminiscent of many traditional 24-hour-style GMT watches, but as you can see, the concept of the Swiss Hublot Watches designer simply provided two parts of the hour markers, so the Arabic numerals hour markers do not represent the main dial. Is placed on the border, this is an interesting look. Of course, the dial is not the typical Hublot Big Bang, but it is the same as most of the unique elements of the Hublot Big Bang 45 in terms of gestures and work hours. The Arrow’s second time zone gesture is new, but similar to the second hand of the Hublot King Power Oceanographic Dive Observation – for those who are really interested in Hublot details.

This is a pin-big 45 unicorn, at least, so dialing the skeleton with the view into the movement is a practical guarantee. Its color is anthracite grey and dark blue. In the past few years, we have once again seen blue as a major trend for new watches. The box is 45mm wide, 15.85mm thick and 100m water resistant. Since it is a huge big explosion, it has a good “one click” system to remove and replace belts (this is the rubber of this series). Hublot Big Bang UNICO GMT will initially provide 471.NX.7112 as a reference. The RX price for titanium alloys is US$19,900, reference 471.QX.7127. RX is a carbon fiber and costs $23,100. Overall, this is a powerful watch series that adds a new look to the Big Bang family and is a truly useful GMT/second time zone watch from Hublot.

HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO Magic Sapphire Watch

About a year ago, Cheap Hublot Replica Watches introduced their first Hublot Big Bang UNICO Sapphire watch (hands-on). It used to be, and I believe, it is still the cheapest high-end sapphire-encrusted watch – at least in terms of complexity – at a price of about $ 58,000. Followed by a black “smoked” version called Hublot Big Bang UNICO Sapphire all black (here hands). Today, Hublot released a brand new sapphire crystal big explosion. This is my favorite and my favorite Big Bang sapphire.

I don’t know what this “magic” is, but I can say that this is the sapphire explosion that I want them to do. The first two models are the artistic proofs of the concept. The original Hublot Big Bang Sapphire was designed to celebrate the transparency of the sapphire crystal case, which extends to the dial, hands and even the strap. The same applies to all black models on sapphire. Now, Best Hublot Replica Watches is very comfortable with the understanding of the interesting attraction of the big bang watch made of sapphire crystal case, they can make a clearer and more practical daily wear. Hublot Big Bang Magic Sapphire is your standard, easy to read and cool Hublot Big Bang with black dial and strap, but with a transparent, almost scratch-resistant sapphire shell.

However, this is still a limited edition because the price of the sapphire case will be more than twice that of your standard Hublot Big Bang 45 UNICO watch. The cost of the sapphire case is still higher than that of metal or carbon fiber, but this is due to a long and complex process. You also need to overcome the fact that there are enough people complaining that it looks like plastic – in the picture, well, but in reality, it seems to me that it is not really like plastic. If a hub should be a celebration material, modern machining technology, and bold attention, then this is indeed a success.

Fake Hublot Watches claims that the “magic” part refers to the duality of color, the contrast between black and white. Contrast works well for watches because it is not only about visual attention but also on the dial it is important for clarity. As I said, for me, the Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire is the best dual world product, offering practicality and a “look at me” part of the Hublot wearing experience.

Inside the watch is a homemade Hublot Replica Watches Calibre HUB1242 automatic timing device. The sport has a chronograph that operates on a flyback column at 4Hz and has a 3 day power reserve. Taking into account the transparency of the case, you can see the progress and changes of the event in an unprecedented way. Speaking of the box, in the standard Big Bang unicorn style, it is 45 mm wide and waterproof 50 meters for this sapphire version. Attached to the box is a black rubber strap that can be removed using Hublot’s “One Click” system. This system is very easy to use.

No, I currently have about $60,000 in watches on the market, but if I have this type of disposable income spent on a timer in the near future it would be difficult not to put the Hublot Big Bang into a short list of magic sapphires . It is not a Richard Miller sapphire watch with more than a million dollars, it combines many cool things I like, in a very interesting clock. In fact, I particularly like it because I know it will be polarized. Limited to 500 pieces, refer to 411.JX.1170. The RX Hublot Big Bang UNICO Magic Sapphire costs $57,900.