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Cheap Rolex Replica Watches

Cheap Rolex Replica Watches

As early as 1967, Rolex launched the first Oyster-type constant-action sea-type diving time. 50 years, the series of each
new products are adhering to the excellent waterproof function and unique Oyster structure design, as the watch lovers in
the eyes of one of the ideal diving, is also regarded as a professional diving timepiece of the legendary The In 2017, at
the prestigious Basel Watch Fair, Rolex once again in this legendary series of new sea to the climax, the size of the case
to enlarge and into two new elements, so that it is full of charm it Tim luster, as the table on the most weight of one of
the masterpiece. Here, and watch the family together to see.

Rolex for the first time the two classic design of the brand into the new sea to dive table dial, one for the watch in the
bottom of the SEA-DWELLER brand series of red characters marked, bright red for the dial to add a touch of color beauty,
highlight the brand sea to type Features, pay tribute to the first generation of sea-type watch. Two for the Rolex date
display magnifying glass, before the sea-type diving table is no calendar magnifying glass, because the first sea to make
the watch diving depth and table mirror material limitations, out of the safety considerations for the watch, So has been
useless. Until the blue crystal glass mirror popular today, the strength is no longer a problem, so the join, not only the
expansion of the calendar function, but also a series of enhanced quality of the signal.

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Before the sea-type diving watch case size of 40 mm, the new sea to the case designed for 43 mm, it is more refined, full of
ornamental. It is worth mentioning that in the case of increasing the diameter of the watch, the watch thickness remains
unchanged, making the senses become “slim” some, so that the overall structure more harmonious.

Equipped with 43 mm 904L stainless steel case, in the polished process after showing a great sense of enjoyment. Equipped
with sea-style one-way rotation 60-minute scale bezel, the brand developed patent black Cerachrom word circle, and easy to
scratch the ceramic made, even by ultraviolet radiation will not fade, highlight the brand stability rock quality. Patented
helium valve is located on the side of the case, in the dive can maintain the internal and external pressure balance of the
watch to prevent the helium can not be discharged when the formation of internal and external pressure difference, damage
the watch.

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As in the past sea-type diving table, the use of Rolex patent waterproof crown, screw-in triple lock three waterproof system
can watch the watch when the waterproof performance, very reliable.

Full texture of the black dial, after PVD coating technology after the time scale is more detailed, with the central time
seconds and seconds against each other, showing Rolex diving table unique dial charm. In addition, the pointer and time
scale covered with Chromalight luminous coating, in the darker environment emitting Yingying blue light, making the moment
to clearly show, very beautiful.

Such as Rolex Oyster-style watch the end of the process, to protect the outstanding waterproof and closed, very reliable.
Equipped with 14 patented technology owned brand-made 3235-type movement, with 70 hours of power reserve. Configuration
Rolex new patent Chronergy escapement system. The new escapement system is made of nickel and phosphorus, not only efficient
and reliable, but also from the magnetic field interference. This is the first time Rolex will be the latest movement used
in sports watches.

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Classic Oyster-style three-row chain bracelet, connecting an Oyster insurance discount, with Rolex Glidelock extension
system, through the fine tuning, so that the watch is more fit and wrist, not easy to fall off, very reliable.

Summary: excellent and powerful superior performance and excellent style, making this Rolex sea diving watch has become a
hot topic of concern this year. Especially the dial and table diameter changes, and the use of 3235 movement, it is full of
infinite freshness and attractive, so many watch enthusiasts heart. If you also like this watch, please be patient waiting
for it to market it.