Rolex’s Dragon replica watches

Rolex's Dragon replica watches

Rolex’s Dragon replica watches

Do not be late, straight into the topic. Now the market flow of Rolex you are already very familiar with, in addition to talk about the market changes, there is nothing to talk about. So, here I will show you some rare Rolex, we can grow knowledge together, increase the fun. Of course, in addition to Rolex, encountered other special watches, I will be timely to share with you. I want to show you today, Rolex’s “dragon” table.

Although today, Rolex only produce simple features watches, not involved in complex tables and a variety of processes. But Rolex in history is still very versatile. Rolex Although there is no production of any complex table, the most complex table is the history of the calendar and the current calendar calendar day day. But Rolex produced some enamel tables. Rolex’s enamel table I feel very special. Because you look at the other brands of enamel table are very thin, very fine suits table case, only Rolex, is in a sports style Oyster-style case to do enamel, people have a ” Tigers smell the rose “feeling.

This only the Rolex 6085 enamel table, is known as the “dragon”, because the disk is filigree enamel dragon. The rosary of the Rolex is the same as the other Rolex enamel tables, which are ordered from Stern’s dial factory, and the man who painted the dragon was before Ms. Nelly Richard, who was mentioned in Rolex and Omega’s Enamel. She is enamel experts, to many brands do enamel disk, unfortunately, premature death.

This dragon of the Rolex is a European-style dragon. This dragon is very fine, delicate. If we look carefully at the dragon’s color, we will find that the dragon body, the tail of the color are shades, changes in light and shade. Around the dragon is surrounded by a number, the diamond shape of the scale of the time scale and 12 points Rolex crown. So far, through expert research, Rolex only five dragon pattern enamel table. Each of the dragon on the table is not the same, because enamel can not burn exactly the same pattern. So that every watch is a solitary product. In addition, this watch is used in 18K gold chain.

The Rolex Dragon was valued at 500,000 Swiss francs to 1 million Swiss francs and sold for about 670,000 Swiss francs, or about 4.65 million yuan.

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Cheap Rolex Replica Watches

Cheap Rolex Replica Watches

Cheap Rolex Replica Watches

I rarely mention the female form, today take this opportunity to say a female form. We all know that Rolex’s table is very
regular, whether it is number or watch the configuration. We are from a Rolex diamond, package drill, dog teeth, aperture
these features can be resolved on a watch material, configuration. Rolex before the dog tooth circle plus drill combination
of the scale, is a sign between the gold table, such as 116233/116234, etc., bezel diamond ring is the symbol of the Golden
Rooster. Rolex this year in the new women’s magazine to break the law, launched a drill ring, package drilling scale steel
plate female type. This combination greatly reduces the price of the watch at the same time, still ensure that the luxury of
the watch, inlaid enough drill. So ladies and gentlemen please note that this watch is to ensure that the price and ensure
that the face, please pay more attention.

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This year Rolex made a small adjustment to the yacht II. Adjust the focus on the dial surface. First Rolex to the yacht II
for the pointer. Before the yacht II pointer and DAY DATE, DATE JUST similar to the rod pointer. After all, the yacht II is
a sport, so Rolex this year, the yacht II pointer replaced by the movement of the iconic Mercedes-Benz needle. At the same
time in order to avoid minute hand block countdown count, minute hand also done hollow. At the same time, the disk time
scale also made a little bit of adjustment. Yacht II before the time scale are square, and now the 12 o’clock bit when the
standard into the inverted triangle, the other places did not change.

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Finally, I want to say is that, because the new 41 mm DJ (126300/126333/126334, etc.) I have written in the previous article
a lot, this time in addition to Fritillaria and other decorative, there is no special circumstances, so Not repeat it.
According to the current market situation, because DATE JUST has always been a stable supply and demand of Rolex watches,
unlike some Rolex sports watch so tight, so in the discount, exchange rate, and the secondary market under the influence of
these factors, the price is better. The new DJ 41 mm disk coordination and harmony, and is 70 hours dynamic new movement, I
think it is Rolex now buy more appropriate table.