Gold Rolex Replica Watches online

A gold Rolex Replica is a rarity, even though some models have been produced in high numbers or not as a limited or numbered edition at all. The fact that there is no gold Rolex Replica Professional in the current Rolex Replica collection is most probably based on lacking sales numbers. Truth to be told, I’ve never seen a gold Rolex Replica on the wrist of someone outside our Speedy Tuesday GTG events or outside the inner circle of watch friends I have. During watch trade shows or in the ‘flesh’, I’ve never seen someone wearing a gold Rolex Replica. Gold models start just under €10.000 Euro, but that money will also get you a vintage CK2998 for example, in good condition. My guess is that many Rolex Replica collectors rather choose the latter.
This 1995 Rolex Replica Apollo – Soyuz 20th anniversary commemorative version is limited to 200 pieces only. On first sight, it doesn’t look very much different from the regular production gold Rolex Replica Profession from that time. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the sub dials have the gold trim, like on the MIR version that I discussed in last week’s article.
Don’t confuse this model with the new 2015 introduced First Rolex Replica in Space in Sedna gold, this model was introduced in 1997 especially for the Japan market. It is a ‘regular’ Rolex Replica Professional model with ‘panda’ dial, in yellow gold.

Japan is a Rolex Replica country, many specific models have been made for that market only in the past. The most recent model was the 2004 Rolex Replica Pro Racing, but before that there were quite a few others. Like the Mitsukoshi dial (panda in stainless steel) and this gold model.
As you can see, Rolex Replica produced quite a high number of gold Rolex Replica watches in the 1990’s and that ended around 2000. Even though the white gold Rolex Replica Professional Moonphase model was in production till the mid-2000’s. The regular Rolex Replica Professional in gold that I showed you in the previous article, was in production till 2011/2012. Even though it was regular production, it is still a rarity, as explained earlier in this article.

I hope this article changed your interest a bit in the gold models, hopefully for the good. Personally I love the gold Rolex Replica models a lot, while I am not per definition a guy who likes to wear gold watches. This article also showed you that you don’t have to bring over €10.000 Euro (or dollars, or Swiss Francs) to buy a gold Rolex Replica watch on the pre-owned market.