Hands On:Cheap Hublot Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle Limited Edition Replica Watches

At the end of last year, Hublot replica watches released the latest ode to New York City, aptly named Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle Limited Edition, and immediately after the original “concrete jungle” released in 2016, it quickly attracted people’s attention with its unique structure. Its materials include concrete, epoxy resin, fiberglass, titanium and ceramics, and are combined with Hublot replica’s experimental “Art of Fusion” principle. On the whole, the role of the watch is to recall the industrial style of the “urban jungle” that inspired it.

Replica Classic Fusion Concrete Jungle Limited Edition

The 45mm x 13.85mm case of this luxury replica watch is mainly made of 65-75% high-quality cement, although the material mixture also includes 25-30% epoxy resin, which replaces water and 5-10% in standard concrete Glass fiber instead of steel used to reinforce concrete and some ceramic, titanium and steel components.

When handling the watch, you will first notice two functions. The first is the lightweight volume: Compared with the steel and gold that cheap Hublot replica watches often uses, concrete, resin and fiberglass are relatively light. The second is a watch, which is not cold to the touch at all. The coldness of metals is something that most watch collectors are used to, and may not think about it too much. Here, the use of concrete and its low electrical conductivity essentially make the case resistant to temperature, will not absorb too much heat from its environment, and it will be both when it is worn for the first time or after being worn on the wrist for a long time. Can be pleasantly neutral.

One of the issues raised when the “concrete jungle” was first introduced was that over time, because concrete is known to be brittle compared to steel, its durability. Hublot replica watch’s use of epoxy resin and glass fiber in the case structure can partially eliminate this concern. Together, they can enhance the strength of concrete and increase its durability over time. In addition, the case and its matching dial have been treated with anti-ultraviolet additives to prevent color changes over time. Finally, the case uses an anti-graffiti treatment, which is actually to prevent the concrete from being soiled by common debris such as dirt, but it also serves to make the case smooth, which is the opposite of what you might think. The concrete is rough and provides an almost buttery touch.