High Quatily Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Tourbillon Carbon Black & Blue Replica Watches

Hublot replica watches made its debut on Masterpiece in 2011. The brand later launched a series of new high-end watches in the Masterpiece series, including this barrel-shaped case and other models.The model with this case design was later called Hublot MP-6. Later, the Big Bang case of this wine barrel was further clarified and named Hublot “Spirit Of Big Bang”-this is what all Hublot replica watches models carry There is a case style with the name of this fake watch case today.

Replica Spirit Of Big Bang Tourbillon Replica Watches

For many years, Hublot replica watches has been dealing with the case size and offers a variety of movement options in the “Big Bang Spirit”, from various internal movements to Zenith El Primero chronograph movements. Today, I take a look at the modern Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang watch, which is as modern and luxurious as the original Hublot Masterpiece.

The width of the barrel box is 42 mm, which is actually quite large, and this size is as big as I want. In other words, the maximum width of the Spirit Of Big Bang series is 45 mm, and the maximum width of the female model is 39 mm. For the case material, Hublot replica watches mixed titanium and a special style of carbon fiber. The color of the carbon fiber is black and gray, and the color of the carbon fiber model is black and blue. The brand once again pays tribute to higher-end luxury brands by offering carbon as the best replica watch case material. The case can be waterproof to 30 meters.

Spirit Of Big Bang Tourbillon 42mm contains a carbon fiber movement. The manual winding has a power reserve of 115 hours and runs at 3Hz. The movement includes time, a 60-second tourbillon and a power reserve indicator on the dial. The movement itself is not revolutionary in performance or mechanics, but mainly artistic. Hublot replica watches designed its own internal tourbillon for aesthetics and combined with how to design and complete bridges and gears to achieve excellent visual effects.