HUBLOT BIG BANG MECA-10 Magic Gold Watch

At Baselworld last year, Cheap Hublot Replica Watches introduced a new model called “Big Bang MECA-10” to enhance its popular Big Bang series. In fact, I don’t think it has received the attention it deserves, so I am very happy to see a new version this year. So far, Hublot has provided two variants of MECA-10: the non-limited edition titanium plate and the limited edition all-black version of the full ceramic shell. There is now a third variant that appears in “Magic Gold”, the Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold watch, which provides a compelling aesthetic for technically interesting watches.

Magic Gold is a special gold alloy, especially developed by Hublot. Anyone with a gold watch can prove that gold is actually a very soft metal that is prone to scratches and scratches. However, by mixing gold with ceramic, Hublot Replica Watches can create an alloy that is strong enough to be machined only with diamonds. In fact, Hublot’s Magic Gold alloy has a hardness of 1000 Vickers, which is twice as light as normal 18k gold and more than the hardest stainless steel. All this means is that with magical gold, Hublot provides the reputation and status of gold rather than its usual shortcomings.

The new Best Hublot Replica Watches Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold watch has the same 45 mm wide case as the other two MECA-10 watches. In short, it looks like a big explosion watch without a timer. It is big, bold, and arrogant. It exudes a sense of presence of countless wrists, especially the current gold. Both the frame and case are polished and the back of the case is made of micro-jet black ceramic with a sapphire display. Water resistance is very sufficient 100 meters.

However, the uniqueness of MECA-10 lies in its movement. The Fake Hublot Watches HUB1201 is a brand new, skeletal hand-wound watch designed specifically for this watch that looks like it was inspired by Meccano’s architectural toys. One of the highlights of this sport is its two main spring buckets, which provide a 10-day power reserve.

There are also two spare power indicators, the first of which is shown at 6 o’clock with a numbered disk. The second is part of a rack-mounted system on the main spool, which has two tooth segments. When the main spring is wound, the rack moves to the left side of the dial; as the movement gradually weakens, it gradually moves to the right. When the power reserve reaches the last two days, a red mark appears through a cut in the gear, telling the wearer that it is time to wind the watch.

In addition to the long-term power reserve, the construction of the Hublot HUB1201 is visually interesting. Because it has a skeleton, it gives the dial a great depth, with a very three-dimensional look and feel. It’s like you’re staring at a miniature city.

But most importantly, one thing I like about this watch is that its Magic Gold has extra toughness, long power reserve, and sufficient waterproof performance. The Hublot Replica Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold can actually become Very practical daily wearer. The new Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold watch is limited to 200 pieces and is priced at $34,600.