So Cool Hublot Big Bang Replica Watch Hands-On

Traditional alarm watches are gloriously utilitarian and not particularly pretty to listen to. Listen to a Vulcain Cricket, for example, and you’ll hear what sounds like a spring-operated toy yelling its death cry. In order to be loud and actually wake people up or notify them in louder places, most traditional alarm Replica watches sound like a lot of modern actual alarm noises… annoying. This is something few of us want in a luxury timepiece.

While this movement is unique, it isn’t produced by Hublot themselves. Nevertheless, outside of some even more limited edition watches, the movement is exclusive to Hublot. Chronode designed and produced the caliber HUB5003 manually-wound movements for the Hublot Big Bang Alarm¬†Fake watches. Other than Hublot, only a small number of Cyrus watches were able to use essentially the same movement for a set of timepieces. Cyrus is owned by the same people who own Chronode, and Hublot apparently gave them permission to use a small number of movements for a similar, but stylistically distinct Cyrus watch.

The HUB5003 movement uses a silicon escapement system, has a power reserve of 72 hours, and includes the time with 24-hour indicator, a 24-hour dial used to set the alarm time up to 24 hours in the future, as well as an on/off switch for the alarm complication. Moreover, the dial is produced from a semi-transparent material which offers a glimpse of the movement underneath, even though the Hublot Replica Watches For Sale does not have what you might call a skeletonized dial.

At 45mm wide Best Hublot Replica, you can clearly see that this is the newer Big Bang 45 case that Hublot introduced in 2013. However, Hublot uses a distinct pusher design for this case. The pushers are much more subtle and more flush with the case, which is interesting. The Hublot Big Bang Alarm Repeater is offered in two versions Рeach of which have black ceramic bezels.

Comment Hublot Big Bang Unico color sapphire replica watches

In 2016, Hublot launched the first Big Bang Unico Sapphire watch set off a sapphire revolution, will have a hard wear and completely transparent sapphire materials used in case manufacturing, in the show the latest achievements of the brand , To the transparent shape of the wearer to bring a fresh wrist, it is memorable. This year, in less than a year, the Hublot watchmaking plant in Nyon once again created a new tabulation miracle, at the prestigious Basel Watch and Jewelery Fair have introduced two Big Bang Unico color sapphire Watch, this time, the new product will be the perfect integration of sapphire and metal, crystal case for the transparent sapphire crystal to add brilliant blue and red color elements, which is the first watchmaking industry for the first time using colored sapphire crystal to create the watch, brand re-creation Table miracle. Below, with one of the blue models, for example, we come to have a look: (watch model: 411.JL.4809.RT)

As early as 1902, artificial color sapphire technology has been born, but the material crystallization process is very unstable, the production process is easy to produce bubbles and cracks and material size constraints, resulting in the world has never been produced before more than 2 kg Colored sapphires. Fortunately, Hublot has overcome these obstacles. By continually breaking engineering and chemical limits and creating extremely complex and costly new processes, Hublot successfully developed large-size, crystal clear and uniform color sapphire crystals.

This time, the brand groundbreakingly heats the raw material aluminum oxide (Al2O3) together with the transition metal chromium (Cr) to 2000-2050 degrees Celsius, thereby crystallizing the raw material into a more perfect color sapphire, preserving the super-wear-resistant high hardness and high Permeability, while giving sapphire color elements, make it more ornamental. This technology pioneered the colorful colors of sapphires – the first blue sapphire watch in watch history, the Hublot Big Bang Unico color sapphire watch.

This time, the new selection of 45 mm blue sapphire case, through the polished lines smooth, full texture, the first one to bring a unique permeability. Here, there must be a friend asked, so transparent material will be as brittle as glass, it is not scratch it? But in fact the hardness of the material reached 9 Mo hardness, its second only to the nature of diamond (10 Mo hardness), so enough to deal with the daily rub, very ornamental and practical.

In addition, the new product also retains the Hublot watch brand-recognizable shell and H-ring on the bezel screws. Watches satin brushed titanium handle also engraved on behalf of Hublot’s “H” LOGO, and the screws on the bezel set off against each other.

Dial with resin hollow design to create, and the case match. Azure Arabic numerals and hour markers inside the bezel and the central pointer against the background of each other, so that time instructions more clearly and intuitively. And are covered with a blue fluorescent coating, timing in a dark environment can also be clearly observed. 9 hour mark at the small seconds, 3 o’clock at the minute counter and date display window, although the hollow design, but also in the function of the decorative elements decorated with color elements, so that the show at a glance.

Watch the back cover for the back through the design, through the sapphire glass back cover, wonderful machinery clearly visible, do not have a mechanical charm. Using Hublot table HUB1242 UNICO self-winding column wheel fly back chronograph movement, vibration frequency 28800 times / hour, power storage up to 72 hours. Like the red paragraph, this watch limited edition 250.

Blue transparent engraved strap, color and case echoes, showing the overall watch watch. Equipped with full titanium folding clasp, stylish and classic, so pick and wear are very convenient.

Summary: As the first watch in the history of the watch with a colored sapphire case, this watch has a special significance. In addition, the appearance of more beautiful and transparent, this new product once again interpreted the concept of integration of Hublot, with the integration of color elements, so that the watch look even better. Friends like this watch may wish to enter the brand stores, specifically to experience the kind of style brought.