Hublot Big Bang UNICO GMT ‘Double Time Zone’ Watch

For the first time, Hublot released a GMT watch with an internal movement in the Big Bang series. I have to say that it is very beautiful. The development of the 2017 Hublot Big Bang UNICO GMT takes into account the practicality and practicality and serves as a reasonable extension of the internal movement of the Hublot Big Bang watch. I will detail the technical details later, as Hublot Replica Watches not only incorporates the existing GMT functionality into its internally manufactured UNICO movement, but also makes some improvements to the concept to make it easier to switch time zones while driving. Convenience.

In addition, part of the HUB1251 movement is a unique button on the side of the chassis to advance local time forward or backward in one-hour increments. According to Hublot Replica, this is an important feature that helps make the operation of complex functions in the second time zone as user-friendly as possible. Indeed, some GMT-style watches require a little learning curve to understand, and the ability to easily move the time zone “east or west” by pressing a button (the security mechanism prevents both from appearing at the same time) is pushed at the same time) I think a lot of people will appreciate something. While watches with chronographs are technically more popular, I believe that the complexities of GMT and the second time zone are actually used more.

In terms of style, Hublot Big Bang UNICO GMT is Hubot’s new thing, the series debuted in titanium or carbon fiber case. The markers on the bezel are reminiscent of many traditional 24-hour format GMT watches, but as you can see, Hublot’s designers revolve around this concept, providing only two parts of the time scale, so the Arabic numerals are not marked. Displayed on the main dial on the bezel, this is an interesting look. Of course, the dial is not a typical Hublot Big Bang, but shares most of the unique elements of the Hublot Big Bang 45 in terms of hand and hour instructions. The arrow-shaped second time zone hand is new, but similar to the second hand of the Hublot King Power Ocean Diving Watch – for those who are really interested in deep Fake Hublot Watches trivia.