HUBLOT Big Bang UNICO Red Magic Ceramic Watch

Red Ceramics is here due to Best Hublot Replica Watches and its material workshop. At the Basel World Expo in 2018, Switzerland’s Hublot will launch its first red ceramic watch with the serial number 411.CF.8513. “Big Bang” is a limited edition of 500 pieces. In all black and red, Big Ben UNICO Red Magic will have a red ceramic frame and shell. What is your big deal? It’s all colorful.

As the only one-of-a-kind wristwatch charity auction, Hublot Replica Watches did release a watch with a red ceramic panel – we believe that this watch is made in the same way as the Big Bang UNICO red Magic. What’s special about red? It’s not red itself, but ceramic is a kind of material. It doesn’t like to use all colors at all. Black and white ceramic watches are no problem. Blue and brown ceramic shades are becoming more and more popular. However, red is a color that is too light to allow people to look good. In the traditional ceramic baking process, its color is mostly filthy and faded.

In order to make a red ceramic material, Hublot did a lot of experiments. Swiss Hublot Watches has a materials laboratory in Switzerland, where there is a variety of interesting things, such as Magic Gold (a gold alloy mixed with ceramics). It is said that the red magic ceramic is harder than most standard zirconia ceramic materials, and has a perfect, uniform, cherry red color. Many people immediately thought of the Rolex, but the red and blue “Pepsi bezel” GMT-Master II watch. First, the border is half blue and half red and the overall size is much smaller. In addition, the red Rolex is beautiful, but the color is brighter than the bright big red magic. Even Rolex has the problem of producing semi-red ceramic panels, which is why (currently) they only use it on an 18k white gold watch.

Hublot stated that the red ceramic products produced by Hublot Research and Development Company were patented and produced within the company. As I said, in addition to bright red, they also claim it is more scratched than other ceramic materials. Hublot is a major hobbyist for ceramics, and a large part of its total production includes ceramic components, even if it is only a panel. Therefore, Hublot is promoting the development of new methods to make ceramics an increasingly fashionable and exciting luxury watch material, which makes sense.

The ceramic part is formed first and then baked and hardened. After it is baked, it is processed and then polished. A traditional problem with non-dark or non-pigmented ceramics is that heat during baking can destroy the pigment. Cheap Hublot Replica Watches claims that their patented process for making red magic ceramics uses a combination of high pressure and high temperature during the sintering process. More importantly, Hublot claims that this process is more suitable for color than red, so in the near future you may see a Big Bang magic blue, magic yellow, magic orange, and other colored ceramic watches.

In a red ceramic shell, the Big Bang’s “Big Bang” red magic is 45 mm wide, 15.4 mm thick and has a 100-meter water resistance. The dial is black and red, using a very clear matt red phone and hour markers. This is a rather masculine and aggressive design, but it is not without its elegance. Even if it is a cool design, I think in the future Hublot can make a red ceramic watch, and even more overall palette is red. Attached to the box is a fast moving black and red rubber strap.

Powering the Big Bang Red Magic is Hublot’s UNICO Calibre Center 1242 automatic timing sport. It operates at 4Hz, has a 72-hour power reserve, and is increasingly considered to be a modern sport that looks modern (but very “horological”). In addition to the red ceramic and black resin parts, Hublot also used titanium for deployments such as panel screws and belts. I look forward to seeing the precise shades of red magic ceramics at Baselworld in 2018. The big bang of the big bang, red magic reference 411.CF.8513. The RX will be a limited edition of 500 pieces at a price of 24,900 CHF.