Hublot Classic Fusion Aerosol Jungle Table

Hublot is a brand that thrives in the face of negative and positive feedback, breaking through design, technological innovation and bold boundaries. It is this passion that ignites the industry and provides the most creative and thoughtful marketing you have ever experienced. Because of this, at least for watch enthusiasts, it is always interesting to see the new version of Cheap Hublot Replica Watches and the unexpected cooperation. Their latest work puts the visionary street artist Tristan Eaton at the helm, which the brand calls “a respect for the most iconic cities in the world.” Earlier this month, in a three-part event in downtown Manhattan, they presented the first time in a classic Hublot style a watch that combined concrete. The result is Hublot’s classic nuclear fusion concrete jungle observation, a tribute to New York City.

With only 50 pieces of Hublot’s classic Fusion Concrete Jungle chronograph, it offers a unique opportunity to have a vibrant, tough and inspirational piece that reflects Hublot’s interpretation of the city. Fake Hublot Watches achieved this by incorporating the true elements of concrete into the frame, which was the brand’s first attempt to incorporate artistic techniques into architecture and decoration. In addition, there is an original statue of the Statue of Liberty designed by Eaton on the back of the box. This is a colorful theme that elegantly highlights the theme of the watch in New York, while adding Eaton’s unique collage art.

As a basis for collaboration, Hublot Replica Watches seems to be built on the classic Fusion Aero timer they released earlier, which takes advantage of their caliber HUB1155 to automatically move. This micro-spray black ceramic case is 45 mm wide and 13.4 mm thick with 50 m water resistance and anti-reflective properties of sapphire crystals. Its frame is made of concrete and epoxy, which is in perfect contrast to the case and the highly skeletonized dial. The micro-explosive enamel plating hand also matches the border and a pair of applicable hour indicators for maximum legibility. This is a combination that Hublot has mastered over the years, and the result is a refined dial that is both thrilling and practical.

The HUB1155 with 60 gems has a power reserve of 42 hours and consists of 207 components. It is an independent metropolis, a suitable aesthetic for a watch that is glorious in a city that never sleeps. Most importantly, the skeletonized dial design subtly blends the 3-point NYC logo with a 6-point date indicator that is both visible and unobtrusive.

Tristan Eaton’s original artwork created for the case presents a variety of themes surrounding New York City’s life. Interestingly, the collage was inspired by one of his earliest murals, Liberty, which first appeared in Mulberry Street and Canal Street in Little Italy in September 2012. Painting at the corner.

Hublot Replica classic Fusion Hybrid Concrete Jungle Watch offers many people who like watches a lot of experience with horology and New York City. It can be used on black rubber and black synthetic fiber belts with black stitching or black rubber and grey calf belts with grey stitching. As we mentioned earlier, this version is limited to 50 pieces and retails for $19,500.