Hublot Spirit Big Bang Moonphase Watch Practice

The Hublot Masterpiece is a fairly large barrel-shaped Hublot timepiece with a tourbillon (of course). This is Hublot’s first barrel-shaped watch, and I’m not sure if it’s the beginning of a new product, or just a one-off experiment by a collector. Today, Hublot Replica Watches have several barrel-shaped watches and continue to produce a small number of watches in the “Big Bang” series. The name “masterpiece” continued to exist and eventually became the nickname “MP-01, MP-02, etc…”. The last Hublot MP watch I remember was the Hublot MP-06 for Senna since 2013.

The original Hublot Replica Spirit Of Big Bang has a 45 mm wide case, considering that the long style of the barrel case is quite large for most wrists. This special collection of Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase watches debuted in a smaller, more wear-resistant 42 mm wide barrel-shaped case (water resistant to 100 meters). Currently, these new Spirit Of Big Bang Moonphase watches are available in two versions, one in titanium and the other in 18K gold (essentially in red gold).

For me, the real winner of this watch is the case and overall wear experience. I am not sold for special complications, but the dial design and concepts are compelling in other respects. The big bang moon phase spirit does not include an internally manufactured movement, but rather the basis of the Swiss ETA (or equivalent), which has been modified for decorative purposes and gives complications in addition to time. . You can watch the movement that Cheap Hublot Replica Watches calls the HUB1770 automatic transmission through the sapphire crystal display window at the back of the case. The movement is operated at 4 Hz with a power reserve of 50 hours.