Hublot Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph Celebrates The 70th Anniversary Of Ferrari

The partnership between Hublot and Ferrari is now five years old, and both celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, as well as new watches designed by Italian carmakers and the new Cheap Hublot Replica Watches movement. For the 2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show, the Hublot Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph for the 70th Anniversary of Glory will be divided into three versions: King Gold, Titanium and PEEK Carbon, each of which will be available in limited quantities – you guessed it – 70 pieces.

Hublot Replica and Ferrari have done more than most car and watch brands, so it’s no surprise that instead of decorating the existing piece, we’re completely seeing a brand new watch. The height of the watch’s architectural and bridging design is far from being over-top and over-designed, which is a relief. It is aggressive, does not require overcompensation, is lightweight and sturdy (at least when considering titanium and carbon models) and is a testament to Hublot’s important manufacturing success in design and movement.

The new HUB6311 manual wind motor in the Hublot Techframe Ferrari tourbillon chronograph consists of 253 components with a 5-day power reserve. The chronograph is a single button function for starting, stopping and resetting the timer. For watches, this is an old-school obsession, but I always like and enjoy the discretion of a single pusher. I am not saying that the watch is close to caution, but the putter is one of the few colors we see here, just finished with the P485 Ferrari red. The other red pusher you see through the lugs is a simple strap change system that has always been a popular feature.

Returning to the Hublot HUB6311 calibre, which is made of enamel-coated anthracite, Hublot also has an “invisible” crystal above the cage, which is used to secure the upper part of the tourbillon. I need to wait to see this, but Best Hublot Replica Watches says the result is the aesthetics of the flying tourbillon, while providing the stability of the tourbillon with two pivot points.

The watch is 45 mm wide and 14.8 mm thick, very thin, thanks in part to the hand-wound movement. The crown is at 4 o’clock and the chronograph button is above it. Hublot Replica Watches claims it is an ergonomic decision – although I can imagine a wrong number or thumb accidentally hitting the putter when adjusting the crown. This can be annoying even if the action is not enough to start the chronograph. But I am just guessing and picking.

The Hublot Techframe Ferrari tourbillon chronograph is a dramatic rather than a tribute to the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, although we don’t have an image of a gold model, but titanium and PEEK carbon (this carbon is made of extra long fibers) Durability) It seems absolutely incredible to me. I am a big fan of Fake Hublot Watches, but I think even those who say their products are “too much” can appreciate the design here. Of course, this appreciation will be similar to most of the Ferrari’s appreciation: from a distance. Each model is 70 pieces, the titanium version is priced at $127,000, the carbon version is priced at $137,000, and the King Gold version is priced at $158,000.