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Do not be late, straight into the topic. The facts are better than eloquence, and today we will use the facts for the previous “controversy” to draw a rest. Not long ago, the watch industry all the controversy, are concentrated in two watches, Rolex new sea to 126600 and Rolex new Celian moon phase 50535. These two watches this year Rolex two heavyweight new, two watches in 2017 after the advent of the Basel watch show, by the world watch enthusiasts attention, and divided into two “camp”. One party to support Rolex new sea to 126600; one party to support Rolex new Celian moon phase 50535.

The main problem is that some of the view that the Rolex new sea to make 126600 facelift is not successful, can not accept people, the new sea to 126600 will not fire; part of the view that Rolex new Celian moon phase 50535 very successful fire. In the fire who does not fire the problem, my point of view is always, Rolex new sea will make 126600 will become hot speculation model, the new Celini month called applause, not fire.

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We know that all verbal analysis is futile, only the market will come to the final answer. And now, Rolex new sea to 126600 has appeared in the market, and the price has exceeded the price.

Rolex new sea makes 126600

Let’s take a look at the new price of Rolex’s new sea to 126600. 126600 of the public price is 10350 euros, the domestic public price is not yet known, but according to the euro count, is 70,000 yuan, the final domestic public price will not be too much difference, the basic will be this figure. As we know, Rolex’s top sports watch in the Rolex store are basically no. Often need to buy in the secondary market. So it also means that the individual hot speculation models need to exceed the price of the transaction, if you want to buy, more money is inevitable. Rolex new sea to 126600 now the market has more than 10 million, about 110,000 yuan. Basically beyond the price of 30,000. Comparison of Rolex ceramic circle Di Daya take the market, the ceramic circle Dietong take the price of 95,500, the current market 11 million 3 (or slightly higher a little bit), we can see the new sea to 126600 premium even more than Di Dayong, is now The most popular Rolex.

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Rolex new Celian moon phase 50535, pay attention to the moon using a meteorite disk, the blue part is enamel.

Let’s take a look at the case of Chelini. New Chelsea moon phase 50535 I have not seen on the market (which also means that no one has brought it fried), but according to other models Chelini’s market, we also can know that Celini Super public price is impossible. Chelini not only will not exceed the price, but also there will be some discounts, the price will be within the normal market, will not go higher. The price of more than 140,000 of the Chelini 50515, the secondary market price of more than 70,000, apparently Chelini is a normal supply and demand, the scope of the normal trading watch, rather than in short supply, brought fried watches.

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Why is the fire not Chelini? We all know that Chelini is the most special of Rolex watches, is the most like Rolex Rolex. From the past to the present for a long time, Celini is always in a state of tepid. And cause all of these Rolex fire, only Chelyni not fire for three reasons. Meteorite disk of the moon is very unique, Rolex has always been the use of special disk master.