BIG BANG’s HUBLOT SPIRIT Black Watch Is Ddivided Into Four Colors

If you mention Cheap Hublot Replica Watches, you will immediately think of the Big Bang, or, to a lesser extent, the classic watch fusion line, no one will blame you. However, due to the limited number of models and production, it is not well known. The Big Bang series also has a lentil-shaped spirit. Jean-Claude Biver, inspired by Richard Mille, designed a Hublot watch. We hope to see more brighter colors in the watch in 2017 and we are pleased that Hublot is delivering. Mr. Beaver’s sense of humour and irony are related to the core spirit of all black watches in the Big Bang. Despite the “all black” names, these works have four bright colors: yellow, orange, red, and green.

Regarding the choice of colors, you can speak freely here, but it is clear that anyone who is biased towards color will be satisfied. These colors make it easy for you to read the dial and check the time. This is a practical premise for everyday wear – if you can pull down something similar in style. Hublot’s “all black” tradition has not been betrayed, because you can see that in this case, the various parts of the event also used black as the background of the dial. It looks like an interesting, thoughtful line, indicating that Best Hublot Replica Watches can create first-rate moves and cases without taking himself too seriously.

The Big Bang’s Fake Hublot Watches Spirit’s all-black micro jet black ceramic case, 45 mm in diameter, is the perfect canvas for the new color choice. Everything is black, and the all-black concept uses a miniature titanium crown, h-screw, and black rubber padding. This positive evolution of the tonsil series is further complemented by the dial design.

All available versions have colorized pointers, indexes, and accents around the date window. This is a design method, it is obviously the center of this version, and it is placed on a beautiful, skeleton dial. With so many operations visually, the layout is actually very basic, with a second counter at 9 o’clock, a minute counter at 3 o’clock, and an hour counter at 6 o’clock. The main hand is big, bold, and painted on matching colors. Of course, Hublot Replica Watches also chose a sapphire crystal with an antireflective coating to eliminate visual distortion. Once again, the legibility here looks good, and I really want to see what they look like when we start operating them.

The power of the core spirit of the Big Bang black watch is the HUB4700 Automatic Skeleton Chronograph. This is a fully “hublotted” Zenith El Primero base, operating at 5 Hz (36000 bph) with a 50-hour energy reserve. Although it hasn’t been photographed yet, it can also be seen through an anti-reflective sapphire case, which should demonstrate Hublot is known for its clever movements. In addition, each version comes with a black rubber band and a crocodile strap, and the black PVD folding buckle matches the selected color.

There are many arguments about Hublot, both positive and negative. It is undeniable that the brand has always been complacent or satisfied. They are not afraid to take risks. In an industry that is sometimes frustratingly conservative, these risks may seem too “loud”, and each tiny update is blown out of proportion. The Big Bang’s Hublot Spirit all black watches represent a cohesion line in these four colors, recognizing Hublot’s brand perception, completion, and athletic quality that are solid enough to throw a few cans of paint on the entire thing. These are boutique exclusives and are only available in boutique locations around the world for $26,600.


Everyone knows that Hublot Replica Watches likes to cooperate. Their latest project is the Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey Limited Edition series. The two watches will be the latest products in the company’s “Hublot Loves Art” series. Unless you are a street hipster, you may be scratching your head at the name Shepard Fairey. However, you are likely to have seen his work. Remember Obama’s “Hope” poster? This is him. He is also the founder of Robbie Costume Company.

Cheap Hublot Replica Watches Big Bang Meca-10, if you forget, it’s basically a big bang, but there is a hand injury campaign that we’re introducing here in more detail. Despite being hand-wound, the Big Bang Meca-10 still retains its huge size of automatic brothers. The Big Bang Mecca-10 Shepard Fairey Limited Edition is 45mm wide and 15.95mm thick. If the watch is one of the highlights of your watch, don’t be afraid.

The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey limited edition watch is unique because its case is made in Texas. Texalium is a special carbon fiber that is filled with aluminum. Its unique structure allows Fake Hublot Watches to create a variety of colors and even patterns of carbon fiber shells, which is exactly what they do here. The Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey Limited Edition is available in two colors, one is blue, one is gray, and there is a tribal pattern. To complement this watch, it will be paired with a blue or grey calfskin and a rubber strap with a relief pattern designed by Fairey. Using Hublot’s patented “one-touch” belt change system, belts can be easily changed. The case has a waterproof rating of 100 meters.

Both watches have an awkward dial, the most notable of which is the “star gear” logo at 3pm. When the main spring is released, the star gear rotates, exposing a red dot when there is almost no energy. Supplementing this at 6 o’clock is a rather unusual backup power indicator consisting of a turntable and a red aperture that shows the remaining standby power. At 7 o’clock, you have balanced springs. Since the topic we are discussing now is the reserve of power, now may be a good time to discuss this movement. Internal movement is HUB1201 hand-wound inside. It beats at 3Hz and has an energy reserve of 10 days. It can also be seen through the sapphire display case.

Like most other Hublot models, the Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey limited edition watch is bold and I think people either like it or hate it. I can’t say I like these new additions too much, but I really appreciate the interesting usage of Texalium in this case. Looking at media photos, the effects of Texalium’s shell make it shine, making it stand out in other Best Hublot Replica Watches carbon-fiber watches. Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey Limited Edition Limited Edition, each limited to 100 pieces of gray and blue, priced at 28,300 US dollars.