The Hublot MP-09 Dual-axis Tourbillon

Hublot Replica is no stranger to the manufacture of very large and very serious watches. Whether it’s something like LaFerrari or a “just” minute titanium splitter, it can retract its muscles when it wants. The new MP-09 Tourbillon twinax is the latest example of this action. This is the first multi-axis tourbillon from Cheap Hublot Replica, and so is its interior.

When you first saw MP-09, you knew that you were looking at something complicated. Obviously your attention should be focused on the huge rotating object on the bottom of the watch. However, what is still unclear is how all this matters and how complicated this impressive mechanism is.

The engine of this machine is HUB9009.H1. RA caliber, watch is designed by upward movement. This caliber is an automatic movement with a five-day energy reserve produced by Hublot Replica Watches in its manufacturing process. At the heart of this movement is a biaxial tourbillon that rotates around an axis in one minute and rotates around the second axis every 30 seconds.

In order to display the tourbillon correctly, Hublot created a brand new 49mm diameter shell for this watch. Below there is a huge window that allows you to enjoy tourbillon from many angles, but above you will get a screw panel and angles that will make you think of Best Hublot Replica Watches immediately. The time is displayed in the upper right corner of the dial (if you can call it like this) and there is a backup power indicator on the left. Below the time is a two-digit number that shows the date in an unusual display that appears to be in the watch’s home.

This is easily overlooked, because everything is done by tourbillon, but there is also an interesting date corrector on the left side of the case. You can adjust the time before and after the day by pressing the lever. It’s very simple and it’s a great addition to this watch.

There are three versions of this watch, all of which are limited editions. There is a titanium version, produced 50 examples, the price is 169,000 US dollars; there is a gold edition, there are 20 examples, price 211,000 US dollars; last but not least, there is a titanium version of the diamond diamond, with TK, for example, is priced at $190,000. The price of titanium and diamonds is lower than gold? My sign.


This is the summer of the northern hemisphere, and Best Hublot Replica Watches carries two new boutiques in the French coastal towns of Cannes and Saint Tropez, along the famous French Riviera, or the French Riviera, with two new ones. Boutiques. You already know what’s going on here? The newly launched hardcover store is equipped with a blue-blue facade with a beach and nautical design, and a new, simply named Hublot Replica Watches Big Bang blue limited edition watch with a blue ceramic theme The theme followed.

Blue is still a popular color of watches, and Big Blue is one of the bluest watches. It is in a familiar 45 mm large explosion enclosure, made of most blue ceramic and polished surface and micro-sprayed top surface. It also has a white composite resin liner on the side. Just like a box, the panel is also blue ceramic polished and micro-sprayed at the top to create a matte look and finish. The panel is fixed with polished titanium h-screws. The crown and propeller are made of titanium. Waterproof is 100 meters and the watch will have two strap options: white and blue rubber or white rubber and blue crocodile leather.

The dial is skeletonized and features the usual dial configuration of other Big Bang watches: a few seconds at 9 o’clock and a 60 minute counter at 3 o’clock. The indicators of hand and application time are the enamel being plated and satin finished and filled with white luminescent material in low light conditions for legibility. There is an inconspicuous date window at 3 o’clock and the surrounding dial is a blue flange marked with minutes.

To be honest, looking at the news photos here, the blue hand that looks like a Big Bang might not be the most powerful legibility on its skeleton’s dial — although Cheap Hublot Replica Watches is often thought to be correct. But as they say, spending time on the lifestyle table may be a secondary consideration. In addition, when you watch the internal work of the watch, you lose something in legibility. Skeletal dialing means that some running trains are visible, so they are spur gears, and seeing these things in action, especially when you activate the timer, is pretty cool.

The sport is Hublot’s trusty HUB1242, which is used in many other Big Bang watches. It is made indoors and is an automatic rolling chronograph movement with a flyback mechanism. It consists of 330 parts, photographed at 4Hz, and has a respectable 72-hour power reserve. You can see the movement through the watch’s sapphire display box.

Although the blue dial has been popular for some time, a full blue watch like Big Blue is naturally less common. Although its name is “big bang”, it is not the first blue limited edition “Big Bang watch” – it is some of the “Big Bang” independent watches (here personally Hands-on) For example, it is also very blue. Hublot Replica Big Bang Blue is priced at just 100 pieces and is priced at $21,500, and will initially be available at Hublot’s “Summer Boutique”.