What Can You Do For Broken Cheap Rolex Replica watches – Repair And After-sale Knowledge That You Need To Know

Cheap Rolex Replica China

Most people buy cheap Rolex replica China at the beginning, are happily in the selection, appreciation and comparison, they indulge in the aura of major brands at a good watch, indulge at Seller boast all the advantages of the benefits, indulge in shopping at very satisfied and happy, so very few people to think of what will happen expensive watch is broken, how to do? Because most people in the subconscious by default a habit of thinking, such an expensive watch, there should not be many problems, right? You can not be easily broken, right? Even worse, it would have a professional after-sales, right?

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

Yes, is that these high-sounding words of praise and fame, so you ignore the cheap Rolex replica watches after a series of problems to buy, so you ignore the difficulty of wear and maintenance watch. It is also because of this, a lot of friends after purchasing the watch, when faced with a problem when the watch will be so helpless, full of chagrin. For example, not allowed to go watches, watch mirror was accidentally broke, suddenly loose crown, casing gradually wears, calendar week offset …… the face of these watchs prone to problems, how can we do it? This time, watch home repair division dialogue Harmony famous Sun Jian and sales staff, as we take to answer the incurable diseases, repair and sale of these common sense will make you a lifetime.

One of common sense: when allowed to go, take it easy.

When allowed to go, and sometimes slow also shut down when walking. This problem occurs in a lot of friends in the forum post, is also a lot to buy a watch by a very tangled issue cheap Rolex replica watches spend higher price, even if no additional functional advantages, the most accurate travel time should at least meet it, not even the most basic error in the error of the brand promise! It is not too pull? !

Cheap Rolex Replica Watches

In this regard, we hope you can understand three points. First, from the objective point of view, to understand the accuracy of the cheap Rolex replica watches, the quartz watch is mechanical appearances for itself there are some errors, oscillating system (including the escapement and balance spring system) coordination and stability its ability to accurately determine the main factors of travel time. These are present in the movement’s own hardware problems, we can not avoid, small errors are reasonable existence. At the same time, the error value brands is the day error calculation, not on a monthly error! If you say “my watch slow month for two minutes,” then you have not watch a big error.

Second, external factors, the temperature, magnetic field, the impact of confounding factors watches are accurate travel time. Temperature change gossamer working length, while changing the balance wheel of inertia, it can directly affect the timing accuracy; a magnetic field to watch the impact surely we are more familiar, because there are a lot of mechanical cheap Rolex replica watches in steel materials, such as steel size wheels, escapement wheel, it is very susceptible to magnetism; one of the factors impact, but also bear the brunt.

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

Third, inadequate or worn on a chain so that the energy state can not watch the full release. Watch because all tests at the factory in accordance with the ideal state is a test of people’s daily lives, including the swing arm, wrist accepted external environment. If you sit in an office all day, you can not make the automatic mechanical Rolex fake watches have a power, when it does not go naturally accurate, it will not fully comply with the time power reserve. Worn state too easy or too much exercise, not conducive to watch when walking.

Therefore, if you understand the above three points, you still can not meet the accuracy of travel, then you can choose to go to after-sales service, make a personalized tune, changing watchs wobble, so watch daily life and work in line with the status of the wearer.

Knowledge II: sales warranty card ≠ free pass

Most of the cheap Rolex replica watches to buy time will attach a warranty card, but this does not mean that to the watch on the insurance. Like cell phones, during the warranty period, the general appearance of man-made damage and the damage is not within the warranty. Movement of their own problems, will the warranty. Maintenance of other questions are to be paid, and the price range of different situations. You know, buy a watch is a one-time investment, and raising the watch is a long-term investment.

Rolex Replica Watches Daytona

Three common sense: wear-resistant sapphire crystal glass watch mirror, not the anti-wear

Sapphire crystal is compressed artificially synthesized a crystal mirror, it has the advantage of high-density, hardness, and less prone to scratches Rolex replica watches Daytona, but it does not mean anti-wear. It also has shortcomings, the harder things more brittle, it does not shock, not bump, weight, etc. Zhongshuai inappropriate operation. During normal wear, the strength of sapphire crystal glass watch mirror is enough, no problem, but when you watch dropped or hit, the sapphire crystal prone to cracking;

In addition, in life some inappropriate way to wear will also affect the security watch mirror, such as diamond jewelry, marble, etc., will it cause scratches. There are a lot of friends do not pay attention, do not care on the pocket, is machine washable bad. To know the replica watches mirror, once broken, so maintenance costs thus produced will be very expensive.

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

Knowledge of the four: Case, pointer, scale, mirror watch, crown, bottom of the watch, strap, date, moon phase, too bad you which part?

From the theoretical and empirical point of view of maintenance, cheap Rolex replica watches the bad part is the easiest watch mirror and crown, mirror easier to bump (already mentioned.) As for the crown, in theory, in the design of the watch crown in the outermost, and the use of high frequency; in reality, many more wearer to use the crown adjustment time, moon phase calendar or wrong, so the crown with respect to the other locations, the more easily deformed and shedding .

As the pointer on the dial, dial, diamonds and other decorative accessories or off, is a very common problem. As many brands of scale are inlaid or Nianshang Qu, in the face of strong impact, when more than its own strength to endure, pointer and scale will fall. In the case of normal wear, is not the problem.

Rolex Replica Watches Europe

Next, we talk about the case of wear and scratches, it is probably hurts a lot of people love the Rolex replica watches Europe heart. From the material is concerned, although the ceramic material lightweight soft, but more afraid of wrestling. Metal watch is very easy to wear, whether it is steel or other metals, platinum scratches in life is ineviwatch, during maintenance can be restored to make the case into a new 8,9, but in polishing process, the weight of the metal will be reduced, after all, wear the outer scratches, overall quality will decrease.

In terms of functionality, some users often affixed to inquire, why not move the date of the watch, you are not allowed to adjust the phase of the moon?

When such problems, most of the movement’s internal problems, the calendar drive train and gear axial bite the hand Department together caused by abnormal, sometimes engaging, sometimes disengaged. Then this, in fact, want to tell you a little common sense popular, a lot of changes in the date of the Rolex replica watches is a standard 30 or 31 days to adjust, and when faced with Satsuki month or large, need to manually adjust themselves according to the wearer, or the date will there in confusion. Further, when the dates when the watch automatically jump to avoid the calendar when the calendar or prone card, or calendar function damage.

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

Five of common sense: 90% of the watchs are bad repair

Speaking of this, it may cause a lot of friends Tucao. Perhaps 90% of this figure in the concept of the maintenance of the master is not so accurate, but we have to admit that a lot of watchs in the repair process, does a lot of problems. As we all know, is to repair the watch than the average sale watch to store expensive. While those little maintenance can achieve the purpose of maintenance of the cheap Rolex replica, but in the professional degree, the level is not guaranteed. Take, replacement parts movement, for example, maybe you are in the process of repair of replacement parts to achieve the purpose, but can not guarantee that demolition of the watch, in the assembly process is flawless, after all, a lot of maintenance and general not completely clean room, after the equipment is not good to have so much equipment testing. And, not malicious slander, a lot of maintenance in master driven by the interests, does not have a lot of occupations where there is the process of cutting corners.

Replica Rolex Watches ETA Movement

Six common sense: Wear state, very important

Watch is not so squeamish items, when it is in a normal use or wear under the action, is not prone to the above problems. But often a lot of people wearing very bad habit, such as replica Rolex watches ETA movement and the fit of the wrist, it is easy to bump too loose, too tight strap will have to minimally invasive. For example, the watch is loaded, do not go with the best sports, exercise substantial movement or impact will be on the watch fatal injuries. For example, do not watch the daily As much a dusty environment, avoid moisture inside, to avoid magnetic field, and so on.

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

Cheap Rolex Replica watches

If you know a variety of common sense after that you still feel a little worried or afraid watch is damaged, it is recommended that you do the following three points: the appearance of the regular ultrasonic cleaning; periodic detection accuracy of travel, watch sealing; regular movement maintenance. Recommendation quartz watch can be 7-8 years to do a care (4-5 years, the cost may be too high), mechanical watch 4-5 years to do a care.

A lot of people complain about spending money to buy expensive watchs, the problem so much, my heart will be very uneven. Based on this, I believe many people have similar psychological, after first buy cheap Rolex replica watches, the watch not only gives you time, but also gives you the identity, status symbol and even the face, which in the course of your service, the value obtained It reflected. So, when there is a problem when the watch, need to calm handling and maintenance, not blindly complaining. In addition, good day care is very important to wear a normal state would you remove a lot of trouble.