Why Apple Won’t Say How Many Watches It Sold

When reading Apple’s quarterly earnings, it will report earnings, earnings, earnings per share, gross margin, and perhaps the most important of all of them are how much iPhone sales.
Now, there’s nothing to report, at least not in a simple way: how many apple watches are sold.
In contrast, analysts will have to tap the category of other products, in headphones, Apple TV and accessories are also living information. Math should not be so hard: apple in the last quarter of this class of revenue posted $1700000000.
Business insider has been stabbed in the back of a knife, the number of hackers.
Analysts are on the watch, so we do not have a solid number of units to use. In addition, we do not have a solid average price of watches, so it is difficult to find a consistent estimate of the income of the watch. Stifel analysts estimate that Apple sold 3300000 watches. If we use an average selling price of $500, then this would be an additional $1700000000 in revenue for the “other” category.
In short, no matter what the number is not officially or even accurately – or, the key is that analysts and reporters in the earnings conference call was questioned.
Apple might tell you that it doesn’t want to tip the competitor, and now, the smart watch is the official mainstream thing.
Apple watchers said the company did not want the market to know how bad the first new product after Steve ‘s job failed. Research firm has laid a foundation for the smart story, in a report last week, apple watches the order fell by 90%, because the first appearance of the device.

Freedland said he hopes Apple’s sales report on individual products. “It helps investors like I understand what happened in the Cupertino of the huge monster,” he said. “But I understand their long-term ideas about Apple watches.”
He said it was “about your use of information extraction. About your activities, your heartbeat, I doubt your blood pressure, your blood sugar and God knows what in the future.”
Another Covestor portfolio manager, Charles Sizemore, who is also the chief investment officer of Capital Management Sizemore in Dallas, may be some analysts, do not care about the views of the voice of Apple watches or their sales.
He is blunt, although the yield is controversial. “As to why the company is not willing to disclose the sale of individual products, I think it comes down to maintaining a certain flexibility in order to massage the numbers,” he told me.
“Most companies engage in low levels of earnings manipulation, and revenue recognition is a big part of the. If they provide accurate details, it reduces the ability to massage the numbers. It’s unfortunate, but true.”
Well, the most likely reason is that Apple does not break its watch sales? It does not need.